Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an order?

Please call us at 512.323.9988 and we will be glad to help you place your order over the phone. We will fill out an Invoice Order Form and fax or email it to you to review and approve. Then fax a copy back to our office at 512.857.0051 and we will communicate the order to the factory in Murano.

What if I don't see the exact item I want?

If you don't see the specific item that you were looking for in our on-line catalogs, please just give us a call. Most of our products can be modified with respect to size, number of lights, patterns and colors. We can customize to meet your needs.

If you are interested in a completely new piece, we ask that you send photos or drawings to us. The pictures are forwarded to our Venetian partner who will meet directly with the Masters to discuss the piece. Depending on how different the design is from existing pieces there may be a design fee and/or a minimum order quantity. These orders can also take 120 days or more to complete.

How do you ship?   Complete Shipping Information

We currently ship all of our products by FedEx, UPS or DHL. These carriers provide the fastest service as they all ship via air. All of our shipments are fully insured.

Are the wiring and electrical components to U.S. standards?

Yes. We have met individually with every one of our factories to discuss this issue. They have all either submitted their wiring for testing by the UL or they import their wiring from the United States, ensuring complete compliance. The light bulb sockets are all compatible with U.S. standard lightbulbs.

How are the different items packed?

All items are packed very carefully. We have spent time with all of our factories to review their packing procedures. There are a variety of methods used by the different factories. Vases are often packed in giant cubes of styrofoam. Fruit chandeliers are thoroughly wrapped and then packed in shipping peanuts. They are usually shipped assembled unless they are particularily large. Chandeliers with glass arms have their pieces wrapped and vacuum packed onto pieces of cardboard by a machine called a "Skinpacker". These boards are then packed into larger boxes with styrofoam peanuts. Some of our factories have been shipping around the world for over 50 years and they are very experienced. We have a less than 1% instance of breakage. If you ever do receive a broken piece, let us know immediately so we can help you get it replaced.