Company Profile
Joseph Wright Imports is a company that offers a large selection of authentic fine art glass products directly from one of the world's oldest glass producing regions - the world renowned island of Murano in the Venice lagoon. The furnaces in Venice have been producing glass for over a thousand years, with fathers passing their secrets on to their sons.

Kenneth J. Tolces and Jan W. Tolces formed Joseph Wright Imports in 2001 in order to provide the widest selection of Murano glass products available in the United States. Ken and Jan have always had an interest in art and glass and have developed a special interest in authentic Murano artistic glass. On one of their frequent trips to Murano they met Renato Trevisan, a descendant of a family with a deep tradition in glass. Renato still works in Murano where he experiments with new designs and combinations of colors in association with some of Murano’s most renowned Master glassblowers. Ken and Jan direct the business operations in the United States and Renato manages the relationships with the Masters in Murano, many of whom he has known since he was very young. Renato ensures that only the finest products from the most skilled Masters are selected for the Joseph Wright catalog. This unique position of having a partner in Murano also allows Joseph Wright to manage their ordering and shipping status from a very direct position.

All of our glass products are hand made in Venice and on the Island of Murano. Many of the tools and methods used in the factories have not changed for centuries. The Italians have a saying that “People who buy a Venetian chandelier are not just buying it for light, they are buying a beautiful piece of art, history and Italian culture”.

All of the electrical components and wiring in the chandeliers, sconces, and lamps are U.L. approved. Often, the factories import their wire from the United States, spending extra time and money to ensure compliance with U.S. standards. Once the light fixture is completed, it is packed very carefully to make sure that it will not be damaged during shipping. All of the products are shipped fully insured to protect the customer against any damage. Joseph Wright's partner factories in Murano have been shipping all over the world for more than a century. Joseph Wright has a contract with a major air cargo shipping company that guarantees the best possible shipping rates.

Joseph Wright's Commitment to Service

Our goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied. One of the most powerful advantages we have over other importers is that our Venetian partner works in Venice and this guarantees that our pricing is direct from the manufacturers. We do not use a local “agent” or other type of European representative who is as much of an outsider at the Murano glass factories as a tourist who walks in off of the street. We are a direct source for authentic Murano fine art glass. We don’t ask you to take our word for it; all of our customers are encouraged to compare prices. Be aware, there are products sold in this country as "Murano" that were not made in Venice - or even in Europe! So make certain you are looking at authentic Murano glass when you shop. We guarantee our products are made in Venice.