Shipping Information
Shipping Charges

Packing is included in the price of each item. Shipping costs are added to the price of each item based on size and weight.

At this time we ship with carriers that use Air, such as Federal Express, UPS, and DHL. Shipment time is usually between 7 and 14 days, but delays during shipment can occur. This time can also be shorter or longer based on how long it takes the shipment to clear U.S. Customs.

With just a few exceptions, every order placed is put into a queue to be made at the factory at the time they receive the request from us. Certain times of the year are busier and the factory may have a longer wait list. It is rare for a factory in Murano to "warehouse" their products - there are just too many custom options. They make, pack and ship only after receiving an order. Occasionally, we stock a few items at our Austin location. These items can be shipped and received much quicker than our international shipments. We will always tell you if your items are available directly from our Austin location.

It is important to note that the furnaces in Venice close for the month of August every year. This is the time that the glassblowers can all take vacation, as is the tradition in Italy. It is also when maintenance can be done on the furnaces. Orders placed just before or during the break will have a longer production and delivery cycle.

U.S. Customs Duty
International shipments are subject to duty. Duty, if assessed, cannot, by U.S. Customs rules, be paid in advance. If assessed, duties are the responsibility of the buyer. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule for the United States is approximately 2,200 pages and takes an experienced Customs Agent to comprehend. Please contact the U.S. Customs office for more information on duties, taxes, and restricted items.